Summer Vibes During Fall

Another great cotton fabric purchase from Broadway Silk in Astoria. This is easily my go-to place on the weekends and they have such a great selections of silks, cottons, and chiffon. 

I ran out of fabric for the sleeves one night after work and felt immediately discouraged.Bummed but not beaten, I remembered I’ve reached out to them before heading into Manhattan for other sewing needs. Besides the selection and prices, one more element that makes this family store a standout is that they respond to availability questions on fabrics on Facebook! Great time saver! 

I finished the McCall 7803 last week but knew that fall was fast approaching. We even had a few jacket days in NYC so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to wear this dress without a layer to go over it. It would have been such a shame because then the sleeves wouldn’t be as visible and they’re a great feature of this dress. 

While the calendar clearly notes that last Monday was the first official day of Autumn, the weather chose to ignore that memo. Monday was one more day of that sunny, summer warmth so I got to wear this dress to the office. I haven’t put away all of my summer clothes and I think I may leave that as a chore to do a couple of weekends from now. 

Thankfully we had another ridiculously hot day in NY again yesterday, and my co-worker told me it’s become one of her favorites. 

A little wrinkled after a long day of sitting down. I think the fabric will be more forgiving after a few washes.
Little slit is peaking through but it's still modest enough for the office!
Close up of the tie ends

I can’t wait to make this again with peplum and just as a top! Highly recommend!

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